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dotNet controls slow down start/stop/pause/resume

Question asked by kdsassoc on Sep 15, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2010 by PingWei
I have a large file with lots od dotnetcontrols for buttons & labels...  when I debug (with the trace off)  ists extremely slow.  when I create a little code snipitte off to the side in the same workspace/file it takes 5 secs for it complete the exectution of a simple fomula box (with its own start button with nothing elese connected.  I ran a few experiments by creating my own files with a very simple fomula box.  as I add dotnet controls with a scope to th elibrary or global it gets slower and slower to complete.  the same is true when it hits a pause.  the delay appears to be at the end vs the begining.  Is VEE instantiating the controls in the begining and destroying them at the end?  could this be th ereason for the delay?
I've attached two files one with dotnetcontrols and one without.  when you press the start button you can see it takes much longer for the one with dotnetcontrols to complete.  the same issue appears to happen in my large program when I resume from a pause.  this is a pain when troubleshooting and I'm trying to step thru the program.  I can understand if at the end its destroying objects but why when the delay in completing when it hits a pause?