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AW: vrf CPU resources while running VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 17, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2008 by VRFuser
Hi Mark,
use a OnCycle with 0.15s speed and you will get about 25% CPU usage on a DualCore (=50% usage on a SingleCore). Then use a OnCycle with 0.1s speed, and you will get exactly 50% CPU usage on a dualcore (=100% usage on a SingleCore). I've tested it on a Core2 Duo E6600, the single core I've simulated (with the task manager where I can configure which cores have to be used by a process). I'm sure that such a usage is not really necessary for a loop with 10 Hz. So if you write programs with many Threads (many OnCycle objects) it will be nearly unpossible not to reach the 50/100% usage on a dual/single core. However, the CPU isn't really locked by VEE. You can verify it if you start two VEE instances where every instance has a 10 Hz loop wich displays the elapsed time. (If you have a dual core please don't forget to configure that both instances use only one core). You will see, that every instance will display a value about 100ms although already one instance uses 100% on one core (I've used the mean(x) function of the last five values to avoid heavy flicker).
However, I always try to avoid Until Break whenever I can.
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Hi Doug,


Until breaks objects are notorious for this behavior. If you don’t really need “AS FAST AS THE COMPUTER CAN GO”, try using a On Cycle object and change the time to a speed that works for your application, even at .000001 seconds it will be nowhere near as consuming as the until break. I try to avoid the “Until Break” objects unless they are absolutely necessary for just this reason.



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