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vrf VEE calling Labview executable

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 28, 2008
Hello All,

Please ignore the request, i have got it going now. The suffix for the runtime version should be .vi.exe, then its ok.

kind regards,


Intasar Khan wrote:
> Hello VRF,
> Looking for help with some trouble executing a Labview application
> program when called from VEE using Execute Program (PC) object.
> When VEE calls a Labview program it works fine, but when it calls a
> Labview program that is just an executable (ie runtime only) then VEE
> throws an error, saying file not found. But i have checked the file
> path and names and all is correct, it just seems to have trouble with
> a Labview program that is just the application.
> Just wondering if anyone had seen anything like this or if anyone had
> any thoughts to what could be the cause?
> kind regards,
> Intasar

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