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vrf Sorting & selecting Excel Data in VEE7.5

Question asked by tom.trommer on Jul 16, 2007


I posted something on here before about vee support for USB devices, but I never fully got to the bottom of it. Basically, we were evaluating a power head from Rhode and Schwarz. Now we have a Anritsu Spectrum Analyser and we can’t get it to work via USB either.


All the custom application software will talk to the instruments fine, so it’s not a hardware problem. We just cannot address it through Vee 7.5. Neither Vee nor VISA will ‘discover’ the USB instrument, in the way that plugging in a new GPIB instrument is discovered. It just won’t see it. We tried the latest NI and Agilent VISA utilities but to no avail.


I think I need to get it working through VISA first right? Be it Agilent or NI, if these can’t see it then Vee never will, if I understand it right.


I have been into Agilent connection expert and gone into the USB interface properties:




Logical unit:20


I have tried refreshing the USB bus but it never finds anything on it. If I try to add anything manually it tells me I cannot do it:


USB0, status unavailable. Manual adding not supported.


When I tried the help it states that you cannot manually add to this interface type and that I must use the refresh here. But the refresh does not pick anything up on the USB interface.


What do I need to do to get NI or Agilent VISA to ‘see’ what’s on the USB interfaces? I have tried this on two pc’s running XP home.






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