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How to optimize time delay as in PSA remote control

Question asked by wangyiliu99 on Jul 21, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2011 by MikeM
I am using the VEE pro via the GPIB to control the dual power supplies and PSA. I want to optimize the measurement to make it speedy and reliable.

Software: VEE pro ver. 7.51
Agilent E3646A Dual Output DC Power Supplies
Agilent PSA E4440A

Flow (1-cycle, totally several cycles, with Dual Power Supplies output

1. Set Dual Power Supplies output desired voltage
Time Delay
2. Set PSA display OFF, to specified frequency range, points number
3. Set PSA to "Single Sweep"
Time Delay
4. Set Marker1, Set VBW/RBW to 10, PSA measures the center frequency and its Y value
Time Delay
5. Set Marker2, Set VBW/RBW to 0.1, PSA measures the phase noise of the frequency point 100 kHz greater than the center frequency.
Time Delay
6. Set PSA back to "Continuous Sweep"
7. Clear PSA markers

If I set sufficient time delay, e.g., 3 seconds for each of these delays, the measurement goes on quite well. But the time consumed is really a lot. Then I shorten the delay, the results go wrong. Like the Y value of marker1 or 2 is not correctly measured.

My question is about how to set the optimized time delay so that I could speed up the measurement to the maximum. I tried to search the corresponding manuals of the PSA and Dual Power Supplies but failed to find  helpful information.

Should I try to change each of the delay time manually or I should reference to some manuals which may indicate the minimum time be waited for the PSA to get the data?

Your help would be really appreciated.