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Probe power connector availability

Question asked by JKoltner on Jul 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2009 by JKoltner
Does anyone know where one might obtain the plugs that go into the "prove power" sockets available on many Agilent spectrum analyzers and network analyzers?  (Even Tektronix had a few models with this option.)  I've done some Googling, and found a few other people asking, but no thread resulting in someone saying, "yes, I found one, this is it..." -- at best someone said it's a Lemo FFA.0S.304.CLAC42 plug, but from looking at Lemo's catalogs this doesn't seem correct (for starters, the past listed there has 4 pins...).

I'd love to be able to provide power to some homebrew probes from this common connector...

---Joel Koltner