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hp 8663a signal generator

Question asked by maynardb on Jun 21, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2009 by dgun
I'm new to this site, and am looking for advice about this generator. I just bought one on ebay, and I know, you get what you expect from there. Anyway, it works, but seems to not attenuate below -30 dbm. When I try to go past that level, the output disappears. This applies for both RF and sweep outputs. I looked in the manual, and it looks like there are 5 dbm electro-mechanical  steps in the attenuator, with electronic attenuation between steps. These are related to card A12A1from what I can tell. This is my question; Does anyone know about these, and where do the AT1, and AT2  attenuator networks reside? Also, are these basically resistor bridges that are additive, and if so, can I repair one if it's got an open resistor?