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Yokogawa WT130 on 82357B GPIB

Question asked by rsriram22 on Jun 12, 2012
What's the best way to control WT130 that is connected to the 82357B GPIB.. Tried using IIviPwrMeter, but i cannot set a few configuration options.. I need to be able to do it using Visual Basic 6.. I was looking at IIviPwrMeter.Measurement.Configure class, but not many options are available there....

I have 2 more of the 34970A's connected to the same GPIB and there is a easy way to control these using IVI.. I just have not been able to figure out a way to get to talk to WT130..

Alternatively, is there a way to send the SCPI instrument commands directly like "CONF:CURR:RANG" or "CONF:WIR"