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Agilent Calibration Videos on EEVBlog, Electronics Engineering Video Blog

Question asked by tabbott Employee on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2013 by tabbott
Hi -

I regularly visit various industry Forums to stay informed and current.  One of my favorites is the Electronics Engineering Video Blog -  Hosted by David L. Jones  -

Just recently, David has posted several videos featuring Agilent Technologies employees sharing their expertise in calibration topics.  

I found these videos interesting - I hope you do too!

*EEVblog #424* - *$3M Agilent Portable Calibration lab Tour*:
A tour of Agilent Australia’s new VOSCAL (Volume On-Site Calibration) portable NATA accredited calibration lab in a customised expandable shipping container, with Metrologist Peter Daly.  The gear alone inside is worth a cool $3M.

*EEVblog #422* – *How to Calibrate a Calibrator:*
Les Thomaidis shows and explains the calibration rack at the Agilent Melbourne Standards Lab that is used to “calibrate the calibrators”. This is where other calibration labs send their multimeter and oscilloscope calibrators to get calibrated.

*EEVblog #420* – *What is Calibration?*
Peter Daly, metrologist at Agilent's world leading standards & calibration laboratory in Melbourne explains what calibration is.

Enjoy ~