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General inquiry about safety of Agilent devices close to magnetic fields

Question asked by ckaye on Feb 21, 2013
I'm planning a microwave imaging experiment involving the use of a uniform magnetic field of about ~125 milliTesla surrounding our imaging domain.  Microwave measurements will be made using an Agilent E8363B PNA network analyzer and dielectric properties sampled using an Agilent E5071C ENA-series vector network analyzer with the Dielectric Probe Kit.  These devices will be two feet away from the Helmholtz-configuration coils and current amplifiers used to generate the magnetic field, while the non-ferrous homemade antennas wired to the 2-port VNA (and the Agilent-issue dielectric probe connected to the other VNA) will be within the field itself.  I thought I'd throw out a general inquiry as to the safety concerns / precautions I should be aware of with regards to any potential susceptibilities / vulnerabilities these devices may have when in close proximity to moderately strong magnetic fields.  I can't find any specific references in the devices' manuals.  Any help / suggestions would be much appreciated.