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Bug report Agilent 33522A (1.14 firmware)

Question asked by TOG on Feb 22, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2012 by lhornburg
i found a bug in the latest firmware 1.14 of Agilent 33522A (arbitrary waveform generator):

In SWEEP mode i set the following parameters:
StartFreq=200 kHz,
StopFreq=900 kHz,
SweepTime= 15 s,
HoldTime=0 s,
ReturnTime=0 s,

What i get:
1. During time 'SweepTime'=15 s, the frequency  increasing from 'StartFreq'=200 kHz  to 'StopFreq'=900 kHz.
2. Then frequency returns back to 'StartFreq'=200 kHz immediately, because 'HoldTime'=0 and 'ReturnTime'=0.
3. And PAUSE. Time of pause equals: 'SweepTime' + 'HoldTime' + 'ReturnTime'. In our case it is: 15 + 0 + 0 = 15 s.
4. The frequency starts to increase from 'StartFreq'=200 kHz till 'StopFreq'=900 kHz.

There are no information about this "PAUSE" in user's manual.
Agilent can name this PAUSE for example StartHoldTime and set corresponding Softkey in generator's menu. Or just fix it in next firmware.

I hope it can help to get Agilent products better.

Andrew Solovjeff.