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Anolog out triggering for PM

Question asked by gdunnjr on May 23, 2012
Latest reply on May 24, 2012 by tabbott
I have a N9010A spec an with N9063A analog demodulation and N9064 VXA signal analyzer software installed.  I am trying to use the spec an to demodulate a phase modulated signal and send it out the BNC analog out port.  The signal is a short duration pulse with a low duty cycle.  The problem is that the spec an sends noise out the back port when the signal is not present (in between pulses) and the noise waveform is larger peak to peak than the signal waveform is.  This makes it difficult/impossible to catch the signal on an o-scope or capture the data in the signal.

*Is there a way to make the spec an analog out only output a signal if there is a signal coming in or if the input power is past a certain threshold?*  I've tried the RF Burst setting under the Trigger menu, and this triggers the display just fine when a pulse comes, but the Analog Out port still puts out noise when no signal is present.  Thanks for your help.