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34401A return to local in gpib scpi mode

Question asked by rok on May 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2016 by bubba4114

I searched the forum and found only a thread on returning to local mode programmatically for the 34410A DMM. (which was DIAG:LOCAL). However, I tried that with the 34401A DMM and it doesn't work. I looked through the user's guide, and it only mentions returning to local mode when in serial mode only. (i.e. SYST:LOCAL). Essentially, I am using a gpib interface to the 34401A DMM that I want to take a measurement via scpi commands and then return the DMM unit back to local mode wihtout having to press the 'Local' key on the DMM. If someone can provide the appropriate scpi command to do this for the 34401A DMM, that would be greatly appreciated.