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Optimization with S-Parameters

Question asked by cassara@ptb on Oct 10, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2012 by eyeung
Dear ADS users, 
I'm a new user of ADS and am trying to minimize the mutual coupling between coils in a multi-channel system using the S-parameters.
I created in ADS a differential generic port with the command "SnP_Diff component" with 3 terminals, where the 1rst terminal is a decoupling capacitor
and the other 2 terminals refers to my 2 indipendent input. The goal of my optimization is to find the value of the capacitor that minimizes the 
mutual induction or the S(2,3) (or S(3,2)) at a specific frequency. 
I have uploaded the S-matrix related to the equivalent my circuit in .CTI format, and I checked that the 3x3 matrix is present in the file correctly. 
Now, after setting the OPTIMIZATION, the GOAL and the VARIABLES, ADS tells me that the matrix components available in the S-Matrix are just 1,2.
It is like it does not see the 3rd row&columns. 

Is there any error in my generic procedure, or am I missing some knowledge about the S-matrix or ADS option?

Thank you so much,
Antonino M. Cassara'

p.s. I was doing the same procedure previously different time and was working, just I was having always to optimize with respect the S(1,1).