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E8257 no longer works after calibration

Question asked by giuseppe23 on Apr 16, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2013 by giuseppe23
My E8257 showed error 521 and, although it seemed to work well the menu suggested to do a realignment of YO pretuning.

After performing the procedure, PSG no longer works. The yto is fixed at 10.8 GHz

As recommended by the service manual I replaced the card A9 and YTO, without success. I also updated the PSG firmware to the latest release . The problem seems to be software related. The signal generator seems to have lost, for unknown reasons, the default data or what???. I bought a license calibration within which there is a procedure for the calibration of the ADC and YO pretuning. Both have been successfully completed, but the YTO remains fixed at its maximum frequency (about 10.8 GHz). What 'happened? How can I do?

Before performing the calibration routine realignment, the PSG worked well.

Thanks in advance