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Problem in using Excel with VEE

Question asked by ing.ener on Apr 16, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by ing.ener
i hope that some one can help me

i have tryed to use Excel in VEE (create a new workbook, create ...)

i replace (create Linechart...) by (create XYchart) and i configure it.

when i click in run an error message (number 2004) appear tell me that: 

these sheet cannot be found in the current Workbook: Sheet1

note : i use a non French office version

how can correct these error

i haven't understand these note and i think that is the solution of my problem : 
If you are using non-English Office, see this object's context menu -> Excel Help -> Notes to learn how to use the three objects in the lower left corner to localize the "Sheet1" string.

how can help me