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Edge to edge Measurement on MSO9104A

Question asked by jimmytony3 on Mar 19, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2013 by algoss
I am trying to use the edge to edge measurement to measure the startup time of an oscillator. I can easily set this measurement up using the menus, but have had no success setting up, and more importantly, querying the results from LabVIEW (Please note that this is not a LabVIEW or communication problem, immediately before the failed setup and query, I successfully setup and query several frequency and voltage measurements). Each time I Send the command I receive an error indicating an "Illegal parameter value." The command I am sending is below along with the syntax from the 9000 series programming reference. As far as i can tell, the parameters meet the requirements. 

My Command    ":MEAS:ETO CHAN4, RIS, MID, NEXT, 3, CHAN2, FALL, MID" 
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     :MEASure:ETOedge , , , , , , ,  
     {CHANnel | FUNCtion | WMEMory | CLOCk | MTRend | 
     CHANnel is an integer, 1 - 4. 
     May be RISing, FALLing, or BOTH 
     May be UPPer, MIDdle, or PREVious 
     May be NEXT or PREVios 

This command does not have an example, or list its query in the manual, but reverences the query below. 
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The necessary waveform edges must be present on the display. The query will return 9.99999E+37 if the necessary edges are not displayed. 

My understanding of the commands lead me to attempt this command to query the measurement, resulting in an "query unterminated" error. 

I am not sure why I am having this problem, and would appreciate any help. 
I have attached the programming ref, as well as screenshots of the measurement in action and the setup menu.

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After some further testing it appears that the Measure:Edge? Query works to collect this data (I wish that this would have been mentioned in the programming reference). Still no reason why setup won't work, but this solves my main problem.

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