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GPIB for Agilent34401 - ActiveX-Automation: Server can't create object

Question asked by jduke on Mar 19, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by connectivity
Objective is to remote control four instruments through GPIB. Among them an Agilent 34401 Dmm.

- Windows_7 64bit
- The aplication i use, uses Win-Wrap BASIC . Very similar to Visual BASIC 6.
    ( As far as i know the application is 32bit, not sure if has smthn to do with the problem)
- The interface card i use,  is an Agilent 82350b  PCI card and the latest version of Agilent IO Libraries Suite 16.3
- Drivers : driver_ivicom_ivic_Agilent34401_1_2_2_0.msi)
   In addition  for the rest of the instruments (Scope, RFSigGen, SpecAn) respective IVI-COM drivers from Rohde&Schwarz.
   IVI class drivers also installed.

Still not having the instruments in hand, i downloaded the Agilent34401_1_2_2_0.msi instrument specific driver just to try to simulate, building  a simple interchangeable program following the instructions from the  IVI geting started guide for VBasic 6.

*The problem :*  From the very start of the code, it is impossible to create a driver instance using , for example the 

Dim Obj As New Agilent34401

error code :  ActiveX-Automation: Server cannot create object .  

Same situation when i try to create an instance from the other two drivers  RsRFSigGen  and  RsSpecAn.

Untill now:
I have tried to see if the driver is registered in the registry using command promt  -> regsvr etc.  All seem to be in order. 
A more experienced in programming coleague has tried to create some simple scripts too but similar problem occured here too.
Obviously i use the necessary references to the .dll files of the drivers  .Not sure though if the 64bit or 32bit sign makes a difference here and how.
Note that i've already tried to reference various combinations of .dll files.

I suspect application's incompatibility to the drivers.

I would be gratefull if someone could suggest me something .

Thanks in advance.