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proramming/ remote operation using Matlab for Hp 8753C network analyzer ???

Question asked by umerfarooque001 on Jun 7, 2012

I have a task to complete on hp 8753C network analyzer .  . I would like

1. to measure absolute power for three different receiver data on the three receiver channel available A, B, R  . . . is that possible ??

2. I would like to control analyzer remotely using Matlab, typically i would like to setup measurement/read trace data etc. in Matlab  .  . .??

C. Is SCPI language supported on 8753C??? If not, which language is supported and please send link/document for details on this??? from where I will have driver downloaded for remote operation from matlab ??? 

It is requested to provide in details and step-by-step so that I can do it easily  . . . I have done only a little work on PNA 8362B .. . . . .

Thanks a lot
Umer Farooque