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E8257D Frequency Setting is intermittent

Question asked by miyamky on Oct 9, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2012 by miyamky
Our code currently does the following:


We then compare the returned value w/ the set value (and we give a +/- 3Hz window even though we're setting to a MHz step size).  Intermittently, the return value does not match the set value.  Looking at the PSG, it did NOT error, neither the WRITE SCPI or the READ SCPI failed, and the frequency is the previous frequency.  We also tried inserting a *OPC in-between the commands to, hopefully, insure that the first command finished prior to the 2nd but that had no effect.

This hasn't happened when we set both the frequency and power (prior to reading) or just setting the power.

Is there something we should be doing to insure that the FREQ command works?

Our firmware is currently at C.06.15 and hopefully this is okay since it takes an act of god to upgrade here.