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Pin socket contacts that come with MSO & logic analyzer cables

Question asked by crcarle on Apr 15, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by algoss

What is the part number and manufacturer for the female pin socket contacts used on MSO and logic analyzer cables part numbers 54620-61601, 5959-9334, etc.?

The pin socket on these leads is unique in that it fits both 0.025in square pin headers, and 0.031in round pins which are found on some SMD micro-grabbers.

The contact is a "two finger" type, which is similar to a sheathed  Dsub female contact such as TE 204351-1 (HDsub fits 0.031in pins) or 206793-1 (Dsub fits 0.040in pins).  However, Dsub or HDsub pin sockets will not correctly fit 0.025in square pin headers.

This is not a Mill-Max contact, that is certain.  Mill-Max pin receptacles all have a multi finger spring that points inward.  The Mill-Max spring has sharp edges which scratch the pin when the pin is withdrawn.  This is bad.  Dsub contacts and the Agilent contacts have the fingers pointing out, with their ends flared.  This flare makes the socket not scratch the plating off of the pin, so it is suitable for multiple engagements.

I have been searching for the ultimate pin socket contact that can work with both 0.025in square pins and 0.031in round pins, and so far this Agilent contact is the best thing I've seen.  Only I can't find a source to buy it as just a bare contact.

Thanks for replies.