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C++ VISA issue (linker)

Question asked by tonyku on Mar 19, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2013 by connectivity

I have installed the Agilent Express Connect package where it also included c++ libraries for visa (visa32.lib).   

I did a small test app with Visual C++ 2010 and included the path (program files\IVN...\Win64\Lib\msc\")  as well as the visa32.lib in the linker Input.  I have also tried copying visa32.lib directly to the solution directory.

I also turned out Linker Output to VERBOSE and saw that it did, indeed, load visa32.lib in the link process.  

However, I am getting the error that external function is not there - I am just doing viOpenDefaultRM (and i can grep it in the visa32.lib file).   Is there an issue with VISA and C++ with the latest version of Agilent Express?

Is there a way to get the sources to compile yourself?

Tony Ku