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Peak to Peak voltage (VPP?) discrepancy in U2761A function generator

Question asked by dnao2 on Jun 22, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2012 by dnao2
Hi there,

  I am using the function generator U2761A.  When I use the SCPI command: 

APPL:SIN 2000, 1 VPP, 0

as described in the programmer's manual for SCPI commands, the output is a sine wave ranging from +1V to -1V.  I believe the definition of VPP (peak to peak) should extend from +0.5V to -0.5V when there is a DC offset of 0V.  Can you please offer an explanation of this observation?  Does VPP in this case represent "peak-to-peak"?  To help out, when I query for the amplitude "high" and "low", I do receive +0.5V and -0.5V respectively.  The output load is set to 50Ohm.  

Thank you in advance.