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HP 54600A problem....

Question asked by Maurizio on Apr 15, 2013
I have an HP 54600A oscilloscope that is having a problem.
The oscilloscope does not respond to commands and the display is unreadable.
I attach an image of the screen.
The power supply voltages are OK
As described in the "Service Troubleshooting" I checked the signals at U56.

Pin 74 - 14,9KHz (not 19,72KHz as indicated) - Pulse Width 38us. (OK)
Pin 73 - 14,9KHz (not 19,72KHz as indicated) - Pulse Width 9us. (not 3us. as indicated)
Pin 72 - 17,9Hz (not 60Hz as indicated) - Pulse Width 2ms. (not 253us. as indicated)

Thanks for any help you can give.