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Parametrically move an Object relative to another

Question asked by on Mar 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2013 by HSLEE
Hello everyone,

I would like to know how to parametrize the relative distance of two objects.  I would like to physically displace one object relative to another object separated by an air gap by a distance Z0.  Then I would like to move the object either along the X,Y , or Z directions as I please.

How do I do this?  
Can an EMPro results such as Co-simulation be imported back into ADS 2011 Layout tool?  

I saw a demo on youtube on a PCB and a 3D object mounted on the PCB.  The demo included Schematic, Layout, and the Layout included the 3D object though it was flat in 2D, but when hitting the 3D view it would display the component.

I want to do something similar, with two antennas.

I want to apply a voltage source to one antenna (Reference), and a second antenna separated by an air gap will pick up the H-Field, and produce a voltage/current out (EMPro Domain).  I want to take that current/voltage(EMPro ->Layout domain) and rectify it in to a DC voltage (schematic domain).  I want to plot a time domain of the energy transferred from one antenna to another.

First step is to know how to use the parameters F(x) in EMPro to link them to an object and displace them parametrically, later I have to find out how to tell the tool the two antennas will have some coupling via inductance and magnetic field... I would hope the tool is smart enough to know E/H field is present and so the other antenna will pick it up.

Any help one any of this convoluted items would be greatly appreciated.

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