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DSO8104A not communicating over GPIB with Ethernet Compliance SW N5392A

Question asked by dennisl. on Mar 18, 2013
Not sure if this should have been in the GPIB section or Applications section.

Where I started:
It had been several years since we used the Ethernet test functions of the Infiniium (we have been using it as a scope only). Recently I tried resurrecting the Ethernet test system. When I would try to run the Ethernet test I would get an error message, “Error Verifying Configuration. Infiniium not found. Your tests have been canceled.” The Ethernet test would then quit. There were also some random errors with the GPIB. 

What I did:
My attempt to fix this was to update the software. I installed all Windows XP updates. I installed “Infiniium Oscilloscope Software (Version 05.71)” , Ethernet Electrical Performance Validation Compliance Software 02.19, IO Libraries Suite 16.3.16603.3 .  This fixed the above mentioned issues. Now I can run the non-disturbing signal tests. But, the Ethernet tests that require GPIB access still do not work.

The problem now:
For example if I try to run the "Disturbing Signal" tests, I need to go through a calibration process that uses two 33250A arbitrary waveform generators. When I run the calibration from the "Disturbing Sources Calibration" dialog I get the "Calibration in progress" dialog. It says "Initializing..." for two minutes and then disappears. The  "Disturbing Sources Calibration" dialog stays up. If I try to close this dialog I get another dialog that says the calibration is in progress. From the Taskmanager I can see that "AutomatedTestEngine.exe" is reported as using 99% CPU. It does not actually seem to be using this much CPU bandwidth as the scope is still responsive. The only way to stop it is to kill the process or close the scope application.

The Infiniium recognizes the devices on the bus.  From the Compliance software I can go to "External Instruments", "Configure" and "Find" the instruments. If I monitor the GPIB bus with the utility "IO Monitor" I can see the "Find" transactions on the bus. But, when the calibration runs I do not see ANY transactions. 
I can use "Agilent Connection Expert" -> "Agilent Interactive IO" utility to send commands from the scope and receive responses from the AWG's.  So, it seems to be a software issue.

Relative Equipment:
Infiniium DSO8104A – I could not identify any options
82357A USB to GPIB Interface
N5392A Ethernet Test Software
N5395B Ethernet Test Fixture
2x 33250A Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Infiniium Oscilloscope Software (Version 05.71)
Ethernet Electrical Performance Validation Compliance Software 02.19
IO Libraries Suite 16.3.16603.3

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