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Question asked by nsmith on Oct 30, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2012 by nsmith

I am brand new to Genesys.  I have watched all of the tutorials and they are kind uf fun but not practically useful.  I still have a lot of question marks.  Specifically I need to find more information on the start to finish process of designing and simulating microstrip antennas in Genesys?  

Some of the stumbling blocks so far are...
(1)  How do I define the substrate.  I can place all of my microstrip pieces in the schematic but I do not see the option for placing a sustrate definition like I have seen in MWO and ADS.

(2)  I need to add a ground plane contact to my antenna(Inverted F).  Is that modeled in the schematic as just a ground symbol or is there a block for ground planes?

(3)  After the schematic is put together and I want to transfer it to layout how is that done.  In the tutorial it was all just magically just there.  I tried adding a layout to the project and it was empty(I lack magic).

Right now I feel like I have way more questions than answers.  I don't want to pester everybody with all my little questions so if someone could point me toward some much more comprehensive documentation that would be great and much appreciated.