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8510B Network analyzer and 82357B GPIB to USB adapter

Question asked by igouzouasis on Oct 30, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2013 by bhokkan
Hi all,

I work as an rf researcher and recently was tasked to remotely control our 8510B network analyzer of our lab.
My questions will be very amateur to you, but i'm trying to figure out how the connection can be made.
So, we purchased a 82357B gpib-to-usb adapter and installed the IO libraries (version 16.3 downloaded from the site). Operating system is Windows 7 32bit.
Everything was installed fine, adapter's "ready" led lights green and "agilent connection expert" recognizes it.
I connected the adapter to the gpib of the display/processor module and pressed "refresh all", where 3 gpib addresses popped up, but with communication failure. 
I have read in this forum that the 8510B doesn't support the IDN query, so wasn't surprised to see that, and i unclicked the "auto-identify" option.
Now, green ticks are shown on the 3 addresses, which are:

1) This means that the communication between the io libraries-adapter-8510 is established right? And i can send commands to the device?

2) As a second question, I searched for the individual gpib addresses from the 8510 system menu, and found that using the "add instrument->respective address" of test set, plotter, printer, source #1, I couldn't establish a connection. Is this normal?

3) Could you please inform me which modules do i see, with 16,17 and 8 addresses?
According to the system menu, the 16 is assigned to the 8510, the 17 to the system bus and 8 nowhere. 
I'm a bit comfused because I have also read that the 8510 has a secondary address for the graphic display transfer, which is a lsb from the 16. Is this the system bus eventually ?
As far the 8 address, maybe it's assigned to the noise figure module that is an extra on the whole setup?

I'm sorry for the long message, but look forward to your help.

Thank you very much.