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Chosen during calibration of the Calkit connector type (male or female).

Question asked by hide-japan on Mar 1, 2013
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Hello massage from Japan.

Measure the S11 for port 1 of the network analyzer system.
Port 1 N cable ( male * male ) connected, at the tip of the Calkit short (female)Implemented responce Cal.
And also screen and soft keys when doing short, short (male). Please tell me which to select.

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Calkit due to its own network Analyzer calibration (open: short: road)When, some forms of calibration connector, male (m) to select female (f) or If you must.
Network Analyzer side side of test samples, not in calibration of male (m) (f) female You selected is correct? When you select the wrong reason and sensitive? 

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Sorry, is chosen during calibration of the Calkit type (male or female)This one is Network Analyzer series by deciding between depending on the model of the Network Analyzer is divided into. You choose either male or female and we introduced "Network Analyzer sideMeasurement reference plane connector type "and there are two"DUT connector types".Simple so then whats the recap below or both, according to information,If you will see.To select the Network Analyzer measurement reference plane connector type .  model ENA 87xx series (8720 D, 8753 ES etc.), 8510 seriesSelect the connector type on the DUT-models PNA series, such as (N5230A)

For example, customers if you E5071C is your network Analyzer, select calibration kitType must match the connector type E5071C-side measurement reference plane.( male connectors type E5071C-side measurement reference plane you choose male during calibration. )Note that different criteria for selecting the type of calibration kit (male or female) by the Network AnalyzerIs on point, would be for Development Department here is different depending on the model.Also, accurate calibration is not enforced if you mistakenly selected the type of calibration kit (male or female),Is there threatens sow measurement work in some cases.But I already know the definition of value we are determined to each calibration kit.Also the registered defined value because in the same 3.5 mm short standards have different characteristics in males and females,Different. Using the definition of value and makes a mistake in male and female, differentIt will go the calibration cannot be accurate calibration. During calibration of the Network AnalyzerI'd recommend select mail or female  thank you note that models to will be the male-female.Alright, manufacturer of answers.It found that: by model, type of Network Analyzer calibration kit type (male or female)Criteria for selecting different.

Question: that is, such as ( N5230C PNA - L series Network Analyzer's measurement reference plane So what models to select the connector type , or select the connector type of emission models Procedures?