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E5052B SSA syntax question...

Question asked by king_slacker on Jan 23, 2013
I am trying to Import Upper Limit Line per this note:
click Phase Noise (@ left) --> Display (@ top)  --> then select link by "Import Upper Limit Line"

I am sending SCPI command as follows, but it won't call the limit line.  I know the limit line .csv file exists on the SSA at the referenced location and I can call it manually using the Import Upper Limit Line softkey. 

:MMEM:PN1:TRAC1:LOAD:LIM:UPP = F:\phase_noise\limits_spurs.csv  {not working}

Is there something wrong with the syntax?  The note is not clear on what the filename syntax should be, but it seems like this should work.

As a test, I am using the below command that works as expected.  So, I know the connection to the SSA is valid.  I can toggle the Limit Line display state, although it never shows a limit line because the line was not imported into memory.  I can see the state of the softkey toggles, though.

("Limit Line" note in same area)

:DISP:PN1:TRAC1:LIM:LINE = 1  {works toggling value 1/0}

Any idea why the Import Upper Limit Line command *+is not+* working, when the Limit Line display toggle command *+is+* working?