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Generate Data and clock from Agilent 16720A

Question asked by aliasnikhil on Jun 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2012 by algoss

I am Nikhil. I wish to generate some digital data to test my comparator ASIC. I want to generate a sequence/ pattern using the pattern generator module 16720A and test the output using Agilent 16902 Logic Analyzer. 

I have the following problems:

1) The data should be at around 10KHz but the pattern generator allows a minimum rate of only 1MHz. Is it possible to generate data at lower rates?

2) I want to generate a clock along with the data, preferably with 90 degrees phase shift. This clock will be used to feed the clock input of the probe of logic analyzer. Can I do this as well?

3) I was able to generate only the data, but at high rate of 1MHz but there is no option for a clock output. To test this output, I want to use the Logic Analyzer probe. But I do not see any output, probably because of absence of clock and selecting wrong threshold levels. I am not sure if I can set the pattern generator output levels and thereby I cannot set the appropriate threshold level for Logic Analyzer. I confirmed the data output from pattern generator using an oscilloscope. It is correct except for the data rate part. 
All I need now is a clock input for my probe, thereby I need to generate it along with the data using the pattern generator. And I need to generate the data at lower rates.

Can anyone please advise on how to get around these issues?

Let me know if I missed out any information that maybe needed.