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Agilent IO controller and PLTS Problem with connection

Question asked by vuong on Jun 19, 2012
Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum, and I hope I post this is the correct location. I am using VNA connected to computer via usb connection. I used PLTS to do my test. Sometime, I experience problem of recognizing the VNA. PLTS does not recognize the VNA device. I open up Agilent IO control an notice that the connection is unknown and it does not recognized the VNA. 

What I did to resolve this issue is 2 way and something it work sometime is does not work. I restart my computer and then run PLTS again. Sometime it recognize the VNA. If it does not found the VNA, I need to reboot my VNA equipment. I have to play with the 2 combination. Restart computer and restart VNA equipment.

I would like to know by any chance any one experience the same problem. Also is there a way to resolve this issue. We are using PLST 2011 and our computer is win XP.


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