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VSA 89600 Demodulation - BER

Question asked by pmal on Jun 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2011 by pmal

Is there a way to capture the demodulated bitstream in a file in order to calculate the Bit Error Rate (BER)? 

For example, I'm building WiMax signals with different levels of AWGN using Agilent's N5182A VSG and Signal Studio with a known dataset.  I can then capture the signal's IQ data in a CSV file, import this to the 89601A software and successfully demodulate the WiMax signal.  In the 'Ch1 OFDM Sym/Errs' window I can see the demodulated bits for each of the data bursts, along with the pilot bits, in the WiMax Signal but is there a way to capture this in a separate file?