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Problem to import HSPICE model into ADS

Question asked by poberm on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 31, 2012 by eyeung

I want to simulate the signal integrity of a gigabit tranceiver connection between two virtex 7 fpgas with Agilent ADS.
From our layout tool (Zuken) I get following HSPICE model of the board connection:

* Netlist HSPICE from Zuken
.subckt tmp_net tmp_in tmp_out

* Transmission line models
+ Lo=4.0055181e-007
+ Co=1.0270473e-010
+ Ro=6.9803922
+ Go=1.0732256e-011
+ Rs=0.001481472
+ Gd=1.0732256e-011

* Transmission lines
W_enet1:TL3 tmp_in GND tmp_out GND
+ RLGCmodel=DSP1_RAM4_DQ N=1 L=0.00070711


This HSPICE model I want to import as a netlist into ADS. Following warning are displayed during reading the HSPICE model in ADS.

Netlist Translator (*) 370.600 Mar 3 2011
IFF translation log
Input format: HSPICE
Input filename: Y:\Sirius\HW\Digitale_HW\ExtBoard2\Board_Simulation\ADS_2011\models\test_HSPICE_tmp.sp
Output format: IFF file
Output filename: spice.iff
Special options:
Processing first line as comment.
Begin translation at Mon May 07 13:47:51 2012
Creating schematic with named connections.
Reading item definition file "C:\Agilent\ADS2011_01/config\spctoiff.cfg"
WARNING: Skipping unsupported model type "w", line #32.
WARNING: Skipping unrecognized element type: line #43, "w_enet1:tl3 tmp_in gnd tmp_out gnd rlgcmodel=dsp1_ram4_dq n=1 l=0.00070711".
WARNING: Schematic not created for subcircuit "tmp_net" with no translated components.
Translation completed at Mon May 07 13:47:51 2012.
End of Spice Translation Log file, beginning of IFF Translation Log File
Beginning IFF import
Processing IFF file: Y:\Sirius\HW\Digitale_HW\ExtBoard2\Board_Simulation\ADS_2011\B500R_wrk\spice.iff
WARNING Separator character missing from end of line (line 4): 
WARNING No designs to create
IFF import complete
Warnings: 2

What is the reason for that? Does ADS don't understand the model typ 'w'?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards