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MSOX2024A Frequency Measurment Instability

Question asked by jstern on Apr 13, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by algoss
I recently upgraded to the MSOX2024A and am getting familiar with the scope.  My only DSO comparison is to my Rigol DS1102D.  I noticed in the Agilent 30-day Training Signals trial, that on measurements there seems to be much more cursor 'jiggle' particularly on the X axis (Freq) and much more than I have seen on my Rigol.  The Rigol measurement function can read out Freq to two significant digits like the MSOX2024A.  Using the MSOX2024A wave gen with a 10.00Mhz signal, it jiggles from 9.95-10.05. I thought maybe the problem was the Wave Gen option but I took a high-imp 10.0000000 Mhz signal (from a GPS-Rb locked HP SigGen) and its reads a rock steady 10.00 Mhz on the Rigol while it bounces around on on the MSOX2024A.  The Rigol is in same normal capture mode as the 2000x.  Is this normal behaviour for the MSOX2024A?