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Network Analyzer - Timing

Question asked by Leyo on Oct 29, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2012 by Leyo

This is a very basic question  on Network Analyzer measurements.Consider  a set up  for S21  measurement with full two port calibration. Assume that  we are going to measure  the S21 of a 50 ohm cable which is 1000 meter long. The start freq of the set up is 10 MHz and stop freq is 20 MHz with 10 sweep points. So the analyzer will calculate S21 at 10,11,12...20 MHz.
Trigger is free run. For the stimulus @ 10 MHz, Aanalyzer pumps a  10 MHz signal at  port 1 and measures S11 as b1/a1. For measuring S21 (b2/a1), the analyzer has to wait for period of time, right?. My DUT is 1000 meter cable and it will take a finite amount of time for  signal b1 to reach reciver b2. How the analyzer is taking care of this?

Leyo Joseph