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N57xx : timeout on data reception over LAN/VISA API

Question asked by fgoyard on Mar 1, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2013 by MattC

We are using several N5768A power supplies in one application which monitors the instrument state by polling the voltage output level, current output level, output state and protect flags. These parameters are requested individually by the related SCPI request, sent to the instrument through the LAN/VISA API. The response to each request is read 100ms later.

This way to communicate seems fine for most of our power supplies, as we are able to monitor them during hours/days without having any glitch. One of the power supply reacts differently however : after a few hours (4 hours seems the average), one response to one of the SCPI request is not read by our application. We are able to communicate again with the instrument after closing/reopening the connection but this workaround is not acceptable for production code.

SCPI sequence : 
viPrintf : MEAS:VOLT?
Sleep : 100ms
viScanf : MEAS:CURR?
Sleep : 100ms
viScanf : OUTP:STAT?
Sleep : 100ms
viScanf : STAT:QUES?
Sleep : 100ms

I have looked through the documentation for some clue, and haven't find any for now. Do you ?