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Many U1231A connected to the same IBM-PC

Question asked by LuizRios on Jan 6, 2012

I have 4 U1231A True RMS Digital Multimeters connected to one IBM-PC, via usb cables. The OS is Windows XP.

I'm using "Agilent GUI Datalogger" version to log the measurements on ".csv" files.

I opened 4 instances of the Agilent GUI, the loggers were positioned at COM8, COM9, COM10, and COM11.

I set "one sample each 5 seconds", and "write a file each 100 readings".

After 30 to 50 readings, three of the logger stop logging, just the last to started ramains logging.

I repeat the test with just two logger and just the last remains after a while.

Is there some incompatibility between de GUI Datalogger instances? Or did I make some mistake in the configuration?

Thank you

Luiz Rios