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Does the PXB support RF fading?

Question asked by tabbott Employee on Jan 21, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2011 by jkacs
Yes, the PXB can be used to fade RF signals.  It leverages the N9020A MXA signal analyzer as the RF input to the PXB.  The MXA digitizes and down converts the RF signal to baseband and send it to the PXB for real-time fading via a digital bus connection.  It should be noted that RF faders in the market today also applies fading at baseband and the PXB exhibits comparable fading performance.
The PXB’s approach allows test engineers to leverage their existing MXAs for RF fading test and redeploy them for other purposes afterwards.  The setup is simple with automated power calibration managed seamlessly by the PXB.
In addition to RF fading, the PXB can be used for multi-channel baseband generation and signal capture up to 512 Msa per channel.  It currently supports over 20 calibrated configurations, up to 4x2 MIMO.  For more information, please visit