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N9918A: Problem to configure scale for Gdelay format measure

Question asked by afr_vd on Apr 12, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2013 by afr_vd

I try to configure the scale per division for the Gdelay format of a S21 measure in nanosecond with the command SCPI : 

But I have this error : -222 : the value 1.5E-08 was clipped to the minimum value of 0.01.

I think I need to change the unit for the scale like on the instrument but I don't find the corresponding function in the documentation!! 
I have tried to specify in my command the unit but I obtain the error : -131: Invalid suffix 

I have you any idea to solve my problem?

For information, my FieldFox N9918A have the firmware version A.06.18 and the options: 10,112,210,211,233,235,236,302,307,308,309 et 310.

Thanks in advance for your support