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Agilents LTE book, second edition, now available

Question asked by tabbott Employee on Mar 11, 2013
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Learn about LTE and its measurements in the LTE book written by 42 LTE experts.

From both a technical and a practical point of view, there is still much to examine, evaluate and understand in 3GPP LTE cellular technology and the evolution to LTE-Advanced. The first edition of this book, with content from Agilent engineers and other industry experts, covered basic concepts such as OFDMA, MIMO and SC-FDMA. This second edition, with over 42 authors, is updated to the latest 3GPP standards, June 2012 and Release 11, and looks forward to Release 12.

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Take a look at the video that introduces this new second edition and shares insights from EMG’s technical editor Moray Rumney.