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feeding signal into VSA? various options?

Question asked by madeline on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2013 by DaveHornbeck
Hi All,
        i found out through Simulink, i can feed signal into VSA. i am exploring other ways of feeding signal into Agilent VSA.

1. I dont want to feed through simulink. i want to connect to VSA through a stand-alone code [possibly a c/c++ code pumping data into S-function which will be generally beneath Agilent Simulink drivers]. please note, i want to avoid Simulink and feed signal directly into /c++ callable function beneath agilent S-function.

2. apart from above point 1, what other possible ways are there for me to feed signal into agilent VSA [please note my requirement is Software based solutions..NOT hardware based].