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LA 16700A or 167xx modules problem

Question asked by fmav on Oct 25, 2012


I have a 16700A logic analyzer with two 16741A modules installed. After a pause of 6 months I I have tried to work on the instrument, but after power-up it has showed some errors.
I ran the self tests which displayed few errors on the cards (no errors on the mainframe self test routines).
Multiple running of the self tests showed that some errors appeared only a few times (depending on running time, ie warm up time). I assumed it is a bad contact problem, so I reworked the PCB with solder and hot air for the BGAs. I managed to clear some errors, except of three self tests which insisted and failed on every run. These self tests are:
"Analyzer Chip Memory Bus Test"
"System Clocks (Primary/Secondary/Psync) Test"
"Analyzer Memory Bus SU/H Measure"

I declared the cards as "DEAD" and ordered a used 16750A from eBay.
I got the 16750A and as I ran the self tests the same three errors appeared as with the 16741A cards.

The question is: could these errors be caused by the 16700a mainframe, or is the new card also defective.
If the errors are caused by the mainframe, does anybody have an idea where to look? The power supply seems to work ok, although some voltages are not exactly as the nominal values, but it is normal at multi-output switch mode Power Supplies (I guess).

Any help would be highly appreciated