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vrf Copying graphs to the clipboard

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 18, 2001

If you are only looking for manual control, you can simply hit the "Prt
Screen" key on your computer and the entire PC screen will be copied to the
clipboard. You can then paste and edit it in any other application.

Steve Asprelli
Agilent Technologies

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Subject: vrf Copying graphs to the clipboard

I have a program which performs spectral analysis on biological signals, and
I display several different variations of this spectrum on the panel view.
I would like to copy the spectrum and paste it in another application, such
as Word.  In my program, I have all the displays iconized in the detail
view, and viewable just in the panel view.  However, you can't copy/paste
from the panel view.

I have attached a simple program, where I modified the display in the detail
view, and kept it standard in the panel view.  I can copy/paste this display
from the detail view into Word, and then by using the trim tool remove any
borders.  If I had the same graph produced by Matlab, it would copy/paste
very well into Word, and look like a publishable graph.

Does anyone know of any other way of getting the graph, in a form that would
look like a standard graph for publishing, into Word?  I tried looking at
the ActiveX section, but didn't see any examples.  I really don't want to
leave the displays open in the detail view, since that will slow my program,
and I have several displays that I need to obtain the graph.

Ron Rockland
New Jersey Institute of Technology

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