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Agilent License server

Question asked by samuel on Apr 4, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2013 by DaveHornbeck
I hope I am posting this on the appropriate forum, otherwise, let me know on what topic I should post it:

We have purchased a VSA educational network license for our lab, and installed it on a windows 7 computer. Unfortunately, each time we restart the computer (which happens quite often since this is not really a server), the license server is unable to launch itself (see attached error message).
The only way I found to solve this problem is to reinstall the VSA software from scratch, which probably reinstalls the license server as well, and we are up untill the next reboot of the computer.
The hotline told me this could have to do with the WMI components of the computer being corrupted ??!!! I have no clue what this means and I think my chances of success in debugging these kind of things are rather small.
I suspect that the problem comes from the fact that the computer is not running windows server, but windows 7. I am sorry but we don't have any computer running windows server, all our servers are running under linux.
What are our options to have the software that we purchased legally working, my preference would be to install the license server on our group server running under linux (CentOS). Can anyone help with this endeavor ?

Any help on this extremely annoying issue would be more than welcome!
Thanks in advance,