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E5061B "segment-by-segment"

Question asked by biotech on Mar 26, 2013
Hello, I have some doubts .. I hope someone can help me!
My instrument is the NA E5061B ENA series 5Hz-3GHz
Using the "Segment-by-segment" according to the path: 

"Sweep Setup >>
Edit segment table>>
Freq Mode: start / stop>>
Points: 700>>
IFBW List: ON>>
List Delay: ON>>
List Time: AUTO" 

insert the number of points and IFBW desired.
With "Export to csv file" I get a summary file of my choice of parameters, where in addition to the total number of points is also time. 
The question is: What does time refer to? Perhaps the time taken for the acquisition of each point? Since increasing the number of points, the reported time increases (example: 100 points, 9.6016 s; 1600 points, 153.6 s). (Attach file.csv)
In addition, under "POINTS" Sweep Setup the preset number of points is equal to 201, then in my analysis how many points are acquired? 201 or 700? The number of measurements for each acquisition (independent of the number of points chosen) is always 201, what does that mean?
Thank you very much for your attention, thank you in advance.