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B2902A fail to boot or freeze readily after booting

Question asked by lanosalf on Mar 15, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2013 by lanosalf
The PSU was working fine and suddenly start with this problem.
Sometimes it initialize (boot) and then freeze without doing nothing else than menu navigation. And sometimes it doesn't even boot, it hangs on the blue boot screen at "initializing hardware" step.
All this, with only the power cable connected to the PSU.
The FIRMWARE is: 1.0.1121.1140 (one of the few times the unit booted we manage to write it down)
and the 
CPU FPGA: 01.48

We realize that there is a new firmware now (version 2.0.1225.1717 from 2012-08-03).
Could this be a firmware related problem? or it seems more like a hardware related problem?

In such a case, Is there a secure way to update the firmware besides the procedure stated Here?
This uses the PSU regular interface and as I said before, the unit freezes randomly, so I suppose if it freeze during the update that could be a problem.
Perhaps there is a text based boot sequence that only load the necessary to update the firmware and nothing else.

PS: The unit is still under warranty. We are from Argentina. We already sent the unit for repair here in Argentina to the Agilent representative. But as it is a random problem the unit came back exactly as it was, probably because when they tested it the problem didn't occur.
Now the problem is more severe and we can't use the PSU anymore.
We'd like your opinion on the matter before sending it back again for repairs.

thanks in advance

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