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remote decoding of vector

Question asked by madeline on Mar 11, 2013
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Hi All,
        Using Simulink drivers, i am able to receive a packet [from a far/distant site, where LTE packets are being generated]. Below is my setup

LTE generator [downconverted RF packets] --> converted to Ethernet packets ---> Simulink --> Agilent[[89601B-BHE or 89601B-BHD] ] VSA Software [only software NO HARDWARE]

Please note the generation [LTE generator] is happening miles away and it is being transported in Ethernet packet format and fed into simulink and then to Agilent VSA driver.

Since VSA is NOT run on trigger basis [please note it is run on free-run basis], is it possible to decode LTE vector through LTE [89601B-BHE or 89601B-BHD] [standards-based signal evaluation and troubleshooting tools]


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