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34903 not switching with alarm in BenchLink

Question asked by bstew on Feb 28, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by tomc
Using BenchLink data logger 3, v4.3 with 34970A, 34902A, 34907A, 34903A.

I have BenchLink configured to monitor temperature with 34902A.  I want to actuate a switch on the 34903A to break the enable line going to a motor if the temperature gets above a certain limit.  The temperature channel is configured to test for High Only and I selected the appropriate channel in the 34903A to close if the alarm triggers.  I have the enable line connected to the normally closed side of the switch.  

When attempting to verify this configuration is working I successfully get the alarm to trigger and is shown on the display, however, the switch does not actuate cutting power to the motor.  I can manually actuate the switch either at the front panel or through BenchLink Switch Control to cut power...just not automatically using the high limit alarm.

Help would be appreciated.