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Connectivity with GPIB PCI card:82350B to Fluke/Philip PM2534 multi-meter

Question asked by thomas9003 on Aug 6, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2012 by hognala

I am seeking for technical support information for installing a GPIB (Model 82350B, Serial MY51430191) which we recently brought to replace a NI PCI-GPIB.

Below is our senario: - Fluke/Philips PM2534 multi-meter connected to PC originally with NI Gpib PCI card. - Suspect card issue so replace with a new Agilent Gpib PCI card (Model 82350B, Serial MY51430191). - After installing IO library Suite, installed card and confirmed card detected both in suite and device manager. 

Troubleshoot points to issue of IO programme detecting multi-meter since -Another device (programmable power supply) connected to same gpib card works but not the multi-meter -This Fluke/Philips PM2534 Multi-meter works perfectly on another system with NI card.( We have Two similar systems) -When auto-detecting, many gpib address seems to be detected when multi-meter is on. 

NI driver is uninstalled from the PC and installed all the drivers supplied with the Agilent. This is a measurement system setup including a PC where the GPIB card is installed. 

First device is a - Fluke/Philips PM2534 multi-meter (GPIB Addr 09). This device is working fine when we tryed on a working NI GPIB setup (we two have similar out of one we just replace the GPIB) 

But when conneced wiht the Agilent gpib card it is not detected correctly. When auto-detecting, many gpib address seems to be detected when multi-meter is on with red X mark on the Icon. we also tried with few other address setting manually but didnt work well. 

Can you advise on how to configure and connect this Fluke/Philips PM2534 multi-meter.